Saturday, October 26, 2013

Can't get my RSS Feed screen shot to post!!!

I can't seem to get my RSS screen shot to appear. Anyone have any tips?
As I dive deeper into the Common Core Standards that my state of Michigan has adopted officially this week, I thought this article would be an interesting read. "The State of the Common Core" by Vanessa Vega was the article I read from the Edutopia RSS feed. In the article, Vega talks about the Common Core Standards that have been adopted by most states in our nation. She also mentions the assessment choices that go along with Common Core. My state has chosen the Smarter Balance assessment. It caught my attention, because my Elementary school voted in June of this year to be a pilot for that test. We were not given enough information about what being a pilot for that entailed. And just 2 weeks ago we were slammed with a 6 course module that would take weeks to complete. These modules were to prepare teachers to teach the students how to use technology better in order to take these future test. There was a revolt! We are no longer being required to do this. Though the article didn't go into detail about the Smarter Balance test, it did give some stats that were interesting to read.